“Bless our Mess”

Refreshing our church building has begun! The first project is restoration of the lower level preschool area, and during this construction period, the PCP hallway will be closed off.  This is a major project (the cost of which our insurance is covering entirely) and as with any construction project, we have days that will be messy and noisy, others that will be quiet and you may wonder if anything is being done.  Be assured, there is a lot going on each day!  By the way, use of the Fellowship Hall and kitchen will continue as usual. Bathrooms are located in the hallway leading to the choir room.

Some project specifics:

The official start date was June 12, and began with the removal of the ceiling in the Cranston room in preparation for LED lighting, internet wiring, a new ceiling, wooden wall panels, staining, painting, and carpet cleaning. The next phase is demolition of the boys and girls bathrooms to prepare for new ceilings, fans, hand dryers, tile walls and floors, and new doors. The last stage of the project will be painting rooms, halls, signage, carpet installation, and wooden decorative acoustical wall panels.

There will be a dumpster in the parking lot for this project. This is for construction debris only. Please do not throw anything in the dumpster.

Safety First! Do not go around or through the construction curtains to go down the PCP hallway. There might be exposed wires, sharp edges on tiles, beams, etc. Besides, don’t you want to be surprised?

Then, the BIG REVEAL to our congregation and students, and on to the next stage in our Master Plan as special gifts allow.  Want to sponsor a project that is close to your heart?  Make a special gift to the Master Plan. Come see me, Vince Kent, Accountable Leadership Team